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What is the best laser hair removal method for skin care?

Different methods of hair removal


Which one’s your favorite?

In this article we want to help you solve questions like What is the most painful method of hair removal? Is laser hair removal effective? How to take care of the skin when waxing? Therefore, we will explain what are the most relevant methods of waxing in the market. WAXING


One of the most common methods to remove unwanted hair is waxing. This involves applying hot wax that attaches to the skin and, when stretched, removes hair from the root. The results are of long duration (2-3 weeks), and has as main inconveniences the pain (it is obvious the reason) and that after the depilation exposure to the sun is not recommended, since the skin could redden in the waxed areas.


When referring to the blades, we are not talking about waxing but about shaving, because the blade removes the hair that protrudes from the skin, but without affecting the follicle. For this reason, the results are much less durable (3-4 days). Blades are often a very attractive option in terms of speed and price, but have you ever stopped to think about all the time spent shaving and investing in blades by repeating the process often?


In the market we find home hair removal equipment that is defined as laser. This description is not appropriate, as these devices operate with pulsed light or IPL, not laser, so that they have a limited number of pulses. This equipment will allow you to weaken the hair, but in general it does not have the energy necessary to reach the definitive hair removal.


A widely used waxing treatment, thanks to its speed and that is completely painless, is the waxing cream, which consists of applying the cream to the area to be waxed, wait a few minutes and remove it. Its effectiveness is equal to that of the blade, because it only removes the hair that protrudes from the skin without removing the follicles, so that the results have a duration of 3-4 days. In addition, it is recommended to test a small area before use, as it can irritate the skin or cause problems in those more sensitive skin.


Finally, we have laser depilation, based on selective photothermolysis, which consists in the removal of the selected tissues, in this case the hair follicle, through the heat exerted by laser light. This type of hair removal allows us to remove body hair permanently, as in addition to removing hair, prevents it from growing back.

As for the price of treatment, it will vary depending on the number of sessions each skin type and body part needs, or the number of areas of the body where epilation is required. Anyway, after a few sessions, you will forget the hair forever, without needing other products or treatments in the future, beyond some review session.

Last but not least, laser has many benefits for the skin, as it promotes cell regeneration and synthesis of collagen and elastin, it allows you to remove the embedded hair, diffuse scars and treat diseases such as folliculitis or pseudofolliculitis, hirsutism and hypertricosis.

We recommend always going to specialized hair removal centers that have great professionals and effective and comfortable devices such as Initia, a team developed by Asirox for the permanent destruction of hair.


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