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Differences between photodepilation methods

Which is better laser or pulsed light?

Laser and pulsed light are different treatments to remove hair permanently. Do you know the differences between them?

fundamental differences in hair removal

laser hair removal has its foundation in selective photothermolysis, that is, in selecting those cells or tissues that we want to destroy through light and heat, in this case, what is sought is to destroy the structures that generate the hair: the hair follicles. The emission of laser light has as main characteristics that is monochromatic, directional and coherent, and does not present dispersion so we can generate high intensity. It is necessary to bear in mind that there are different types of laser, and that in this article we will focus on the diode laser, as it is the most versatile.

On the other hand, pulsed light (like any type of light), is characterized by being polychromatic, divergent and incoherent, The energy is distributed among the different wavelengths that form it. In this way, a mixed light is emitted, composed of many types of photons that travel at multiple wavelengths in a range that occupies from 590NM to 1200Nm.

Both photodepilation methods target hair follicle melanin, and permanent results from both photodepilation treatments can be expected. however, the professional photodepilation treatment with laser depilation has the best relationship between penetration and melanin, so it may be more advisable to depilate dark skin and deep follicles, as it allows to concentrate a large

Many pulsed light equipment includes filters that allow us to change the wavelength. It is important to note that these filters will not cause light to go to lower wavelengths, but it does not guarantee that light will remain at a single wavelength. This means that if, for example, we apply a filter of 800 nm, the range that light will reach will be from 800 to 1200 Nm, so it is not as efficient as the diode laser.

For medical or aesthetic centres that work pulsed light, this may involve high variable costs, because the lamps have a limited number of shots, so they have to be changed periodically. The diode, despite having a higher starting price, can make up to 15 million shots without losing power, being necessary that only an annual maintenance is performed to calibrate the diode and ensure that it gives the correct power.

Pulsed light is characterized by being much more painful than laser, as light penetrates the skin in many directions, causing a sensation of shock by elastic rubber. All these reasons make pulsed light an increasingly disused treatment for permanent hair removal, while diode laser equipment is increasingly in demand in aesthetic and medical-aesthetic centers to remove hair forever.

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