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We take care of your skin

Mesolaser is an exclusive treatment that is based on the combination of laser effects to improve the quality of the skin, thanks to the activation of collagen and elastin, with vials of active ingredients designed in our laboratories to guarantee excellent results according to the needs of your skin: hyal for hydration, antiaging to improve the signs of age and vitamins to provide luminosity and shine a radiant face.

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Laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal with Asirox diode laser guarantees excellent results in the minimum number of sessions. The treatment is painless thanks to Icetip Technology, which cools the handpiece tip down to -8°C to ensure patient comfort. In addition, it can be applied on all skin phototypes and throughout the year, even in summer, safely, quickly and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any doubts?

At Asirox we want to resolve the most frequent questions that may arise before performing a laser hair removal treatment.

No, the international scientific community values diode laser as the best laser for epilating for obtaining permanent results in few sessions and lower risk of side effects for the skin.

The hair contains melanin, which gives it color. The laser emits a pure light that is absorbed by melanin and transformed into heat, this energy is transmitted to the cells responsible for hair growth, which are destroyed preventing it from reproducing again.


It’s a quick treatment. The duration depends on the extent of the area to be treated. (From 5 minutes the upper lip, 8 minutes an armpit or groin, up to 35 minutes full legs). 

It is recommended to attend the sessions every month and a half in the case of facial hair and every two or three months in body hair. This is the average time it takes to pass inactive follicles to active ones. The goal is to destroy as much hair as possible, in the least number of sessions.

It will not damage the skin but we will probably need more sessions to obtain the same result, since all the hair will not have passed from inactive phase to active phase. 

The duration of treatment is marked according to the type of hair, area to be treated and the specific needs of each patient. Taking into account that only between 20% and 30% of the hair is treatable in each session we will need a minimum of 4-5 sessions to treat it.

Initia has a new MOTION working system and a cooled tip at -8ºC that make the treatment practically painless, with this system we are applying the energy progressively so we will only feel a slight heat sensation. 

Unlike other treatments, it does not require anesthetic cream.

Practically all areas of the body can be treated except for mucous membranes, lower part of the eyebrow due to its proximity to the eye and over tattoos. 

There are very few contraindications, the most common are: Photosensitive medication, pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Before the treatment and while it lasts, it is recommended to avoid removing the hair by pulling out methods, such as wax. Avoid sunbathing, self-tanning, and discoloration of hair in the days previous to treatment. It is also recommended to go to the center with the area to treat shaved and clean skin, without makeup or deodorants.

After the session, a slight redness of the skin, erythema, or perifoclicular edema may be observed in the treated area, with a maximum duration of 72 hours. It is advisable to apply a soothing cream with sun protection. After treatment, avoid exposing the area directly to the sun or do it with total protection in the treated area. After several days, the treated hair will grow back and gradually fall.

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