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The new technology developed by Asirox for the permanent destruction of hair. It is a state-of-the-art equipment that allows to control the current supplied to the diode with extreme accuracy. Both the design , and the development and manufacture of the equipment, are made in Spain, so we have taken care of every detail to make it unique and different.


It has an applicator designed to work comfortably continuously. Its low weight, flexible cable and ergonomic design make it an exclusive and innovative element.

Discover the Asirox device

Latest generation equipment maximum power in a stack

Pantalla despegable 12,1’’


Peso: 28kg

Altura: 1170 mm 

Profundidad: 420 mm.

Largo: 340 mm.


An innovative LASER PLATFORM that combines maximum functionality with unprecedented comfort.

Without temporality, shave all year tanned skins and dark phototypes

Icetip Technology Cooled applicator with variable temperature up to -8°C

Earn money from the first treatment and differentiate yourself from your competition

Shave with quality, at maximum speed

Visible results from the first session

Maximum performance in minimum space


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INITIA is different

From Asirox we have developed a new technology for the permanent destruction of hair ideal for laser hair removal of your customers. It is a state-of-the-art equipment that allows you to control the […]

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