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A novel treatment that combines laser phototherapy with vials of active ingredients that allows you to obtain a healthier skin and with a younger appearance.


Improves collagen and elastin synthesis.

Reduction of wrinkles and expression lines.

Increase brightness

Greater hydration

Compatible with other aesthetic treatments.

There are no changes in the expression of the face.

Immediate tightening effect


The facial treatments with the Mesolaser cosmetic line can be performed using Asirox INITIA and Asirox EVOLVE devices. The treatment consists of using the effect of the laser and combining it with very powerful cosmetics at the level of concentration of active ingredients, to perform anti-aging facial treatments, hyaluronic or vitamins, according to the customer’s needs. The complete Mesolaser treatment consists of 5 sessions: 2 sessions with anti-aging, 2 sessions with hyal, and one session with vitamins. The sessions are held every 15 days and last approximately one hour.

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Keep your skin young and well-groomed

Improves collagen synthesis and elastin. Attenuation of wrinkles and expression lines.

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Get more hydration for your skin

Hyaluronic acid solution to treat loss of shine, tone and sensitive, dry and wrinkled skin. Moisturizes and nourishes from the inside.

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Increased luminosity of the skin

Prevention and treatment of devitalized skins and first signs of aging. High composition of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements essential for all biological functions of the cell.

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