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Benefits of Male Laser Hair Removal


We bet on male hair removal.

More and more men are taking this treatment, especially in the world of sport. That’s why we tell you all the benefits of male hair removal and our Initia laser diode hair removal system is designed for him and her.

The Fear of Laser Male Hair Removal Overcomes

It’s not just women who want to have a radiant body. But more and more men attend laser hair removal to definitely remove body hair. Without going any further, more and more men’s hair removal centers appear in Barcelona and its surroundings.

Elite athletes are made hair removal treatments to avoid the discomfort produced by body hair when doing sports, in addition to laser hair removal is a way to avoid possible infections and diseases caused by traditional hair removal, like waxing or shaving with blades.

On the other hand, hair removal not only allows you to gain in comfort and feeling of lightness but also helps to improve your personal brand. Not only are the big stars of the sport, such as Michael Phelps, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham or Usain Bolt, who shave, but more and more men are choosing laser hair removal.

1. Improving personal hygiene

Doing a male laser hair removal treatment permanently removes body hair. This causes sweat to not build up in the pores, preventing bacteria from proliferating in the pores, thus preventing the appearance of grains and preventing possible infections and diseases.

2. Prevents body odor

By removing hair from the armpits, chest, legs, and other spots where there is more sweat, the body odor is reduced considerably. Although people always sweat, when doing laser hair removal it will not be able to accumulate in the hair, thus mitigating the body odor noticeably.

3. Helps to improve wounds and injuries.

A hairless skin is easier to heal than a hairy skin. Thanks to laser hair removal, cures can be more precise, and a waxed skin can also help a physiotherapist or masseur to treat muscle or bone traumas.

4. Presumes on body

This is done. Gone are the times when it was said that the man and the bear, the more hairy the more beautiful. In addition, with laser depilation the muscles are more defined in a body without hair.

Laser male hair removal method

In no way do we recommend the recurring use of blades, razors or any utensil that shaves, since that is not a hair removal, but a haircut. In addition, in this way we expose our skin to cuts, irritations and possible infections. We do not recommend methods such as wax, which can leave and redness, nor is photodepilation recommended.

With laser male hair removal we get a body without hair permanently. At Asirox we offer the most advanced treatment and the latest technology with our Initia team.

¡Find your center with Initia laser diode hair removal treatment near you! We encourage you to find your Asirox center ideal for boasting a beautiful body without hair.

Make yourself feel different!

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